“There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle, because we do not live single-issue lives.”

-Audre Lorde

“Creating a hierarchy of concern only replicates systems of inequality and systems of privilege. Until we situate our vegan message within an intersectional framework of social justice, we will remain a marginalized movement that few take seriously.”

-Corey Wrenn

“Yeah, speciesism IS a made up word. But so are racism and sexism. And you know who gets hyped up when I talk about those? Racists and sexists. It’s super weird how that happens.”

-Christopher Sebastian

It’s not that allies don’t have a place in the Autistic movement- they play a big part. It’s that when we speak about OUR experiences, OUR voices are the once that need to be heard. The place of an ally is not to speak over others, in any setting. You cannot speak for us because we speak for ourselves. The place for an ally is next to us and acting as support, not forcing their way infront and trying to drag the attention to THEMSELVES. Be an ally by aiding us in having us being heard – Do not be a co-opter.”

– Michaela

“Does being sexist, racist, oppressive necessarily involve saying the words ‘I hate these others.’? or involve aggressively abusing others? No, not necessarily. Hating on others can be subtle, even invisible. Oppressing others can include silencing their voices, deeming them not worthy of listening to, invalidating them and their experience. Denying that someone’s oppression even exists! Just like we did with the other animals before we became willing to learn what we were doing to them. Did we murder them ourselves? Did we have them forcibly impregnated ourselves? No, but we were most definitely their oppressors and were most definitely responsible for the hell they suffer and die through. We treated them as less than us. It’s all the same shit. No one of us is less than anyone else. Anyone who has lived oppressed deserves to be heard and to be respected by those who have the power and the privilege just like the other animals deserve to have their oppression acknowledged, their voices heard, and their beings respected. Please keep the focus on the receivers of oppression and listen to them. Learn about their plights. They are worthy!”

Rhonda Anderson

If you think it’s wrong to hurt animals, you already believe in veganism.” 

“A social justice movement is only as strong as its willingness to identify and root out otherism, for justice is fundamentally undermined by the exclusion of anyone from the moral community.”

– Sarah K. Woodcock

I’m seeing many vegans ignoring the intersection of classism, racism and food justice. It’s important we *recognize* that veganism isn’t easy for everyone and work to dismantle the system that allows food injustice. I’m not saying they shouldn’t go vegan, I’m saying we need to change our style of advocacy to be more inclusive. We can start by accepting that necessary foods, such as fruits and vegetables, aren’t easily accessible or affordable for many.”

– Sonia Chauhan